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Automotive Window Tinting in Arlington

At Glacier Window Tinting, Alarms & Accessories in Arlington, Texas, we’re not just focused on protecting your car, we’re focused on protecting your comfort.

Look Cooler, Feel Cooler Everywhere You Drive

Car with tinted windows

As one of the oldest automotive window film installation companies in Arlington, Glacier Window Tinting, Alarms & Accessories has provided comfort and glare protection to Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth for more than 27 years.

At Glacier Window Tinting, we install industry-leading LLumar automotive window film on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. By combining the best products with our professional application, you get a custom fit for your car and high-quality results that last for years to come.

Aesthetic value and custom appearance are typically the reasons why drivers choose to tint the windows of their vehicles.

However, window film installation from Glacier Window Tinting also offers a variety of other benefits related to safety and comfort:

LLumar window film can keep your car cooler by up to 60%, even on the hottest Texas summer days. In many cases, the temperature inside your car can drop by 30°.

Quality car tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays so that you can reduce your risk of skin cancer and accelerated aging. In fact, it’s recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Window film protects your interior upholstery against cracking and fading caused by UV rays.

LLumar window tint reduces annoying glare from the sun as well as from trucks and bright headlights, keeping you safer on the road.

Available in a variety of chic charcoal shades, LLumar window film matches your car and your unique style.

In addition, your window tint will never turn purple, bubble or peel.

LLumar window film also resists scratching, and in the event of an accident, it helps hold shattered glass in place to protect you and your passengers from flying glass and debris. Glacier Window Tinting’s window film also provides privacy and makes it more difficult for potential criminals to see what’s in your car when you’re out.

Car with window tinting

When choosing a window tinting company, it’s critical that you work with an experienced installer to ensure quality work.

Glacier Window Tinting provides custom installation that is tailored to your needs and budget – our automotive tinting products and services include:

Premium Died Films


  • Heat Rejection 34% – 42%
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Traditional Dyed Film
  • Cut-Out Brake Light
  • Lifetime Warranty


High-Performance Metalized Films


  • Heat Rejection 46% – 63%
  • High Performance
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • High Heat Rejection
  • LLumar Metalized Film
  • 1 Piece Back Glass (Most Cars)
  • Advanced Scratch Resistant
  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays


Signal-enabling Window Films


  • Heat Rejection 50% – 73%
  • Extreme Performance
  • Maximum Heat Rejection
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Signal-Enabling Films (no signal interference)
  • 1 Piece Back Glass (Most Cars)
  • Advanced Scratch Resistant
  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays


Our professional window tinting experts have the experience needed to ensure high-quality results the first time.

Want to see what your vehicle would look like tinted? Take a look with our window tint visualizer.

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